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John Zeman - WFSE Member, Spokane

I’m from South Dakota. It’s a right to work state. I'd like to share my experience and why I'm #UnionStrong.

Our elected bargaining team met with management July 17-19 and again on July 24 to continue the work of negotiating our next contract.

Our team achieved gains related to leave use and ensuring that members have a voice in our workplaces.

ACT NOW to support IT workers in General Government & Community College Coalition — and the future of classification studies in Washington state!

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5/2018 Mark Hamilton

As part of the settlement agreement our Union’s grievance and Unfair Labor Practice complaint related to the parking zone changes have been withdrawn. 

Our elected bargaining team met with management on June 18-29 to begin the work of negotiating our next contract.  

Our union presented initial proposals to management on Monday, and on Tuesday both parties continued to discuss them. We even received some counter proposals from management.  We reached tentative agreements on ground rules for negotiations, 12 articles, and 3 appendices.

Our WSU bargaining team is Michelle Edenso, Victor Edenso, Nathan Smith, Derek Jones, Trevor Thompson, and Brian Lesko.  

When he first took a job at the Centralia Correctional Center in Illinois, Keith Kracht knew that a career in public service wouldn’t make him a millionaire. But then again, that’s not why he went into public service.

The latest and long fight over parking at Washington State University in Pullman ended Wednesday (May 23) with a settlement bringing $7,500 for the Local 1066 membership and parking cost concessions from the administration.