Local 1066 fights yet another proposed increase in parking rates.

WSU student journalist exposes critical deferred maintenance issue we should all care about

From the Washington State University Daily Evergreen campus newspaper in Pullman.

 WSU members gain greater voice with merger of two bargaining units

Two bargaining units merged into one will bring a greater voice on the worksite and at the bargaining table for some 140 affected members at Washington State University.

Merged into the new Construction Services, Maintenance Services and Waste Management Sections Bargaining Unit were the members in the previous units representing maintenance and construction workers and the one for waste management workers.

The merger also brings valuable contract advantages, too.


WSU members challenge detrimental parking changes

Local 1066 members at the main Washington State University campus in Pullman are fighting back to ensure safe parking areas in the face of detrimental – and unilateral – changes announced by the university.

WSU Puyallup group files 100% Union

A group of trades workers at the Washington State University Puyallup Research Extension Center today (June 1) took action to become 100% Federation to gain a greater voice at work.

The workers in the Farm and Maintenance Operations unit filed the necessary paperwork with the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) to become part of the Federation and gain the rights and power under the union’s negotiated WSU collective bargaining agreement.