Detrimental parking changes challenged

WSU members challenge detrimental parking changes

Local 1066 members at the main Washington State University campus in Pullman are fighting back to ensure safe parking areas in the face of detrimental – and unilateral – changes announced by the university.

The WSU members are using the voice and power they have with their 100 percent union contract – and a specific provision on parking providing fair treatment. Meaning, any changes would have to be bargained by the Federation and Local 1066.

But the university didn’t do that. Instead, on May 2 the WSU administration announced that come Fall Semester 2017, the location of parking zones would be changed.

The change would hit WSU employees’ wallets and safety. Parking rates would go up, harm to vehicles from lower-grade surfaces could result and safety could be jeopardized with different night lighting.

So the Local 1066 used the power of their contracts and legal rights and on Tuesday (June 6) filed an unfair labor practice complaint against WSU for refusing to bargain the changes and interfering with employee rights.

“These changes impact the safety and relative convenience of the parking lots, not just the amount of the fee,” the union said in its official challenge. “At bargaining, the WFSE would have bargained to mitigate these changes.”

The ULP complaint asks the state Public Employment Relations Committee (PERC) to order WSU to bargain with the Local 1066 members on the proposed parking changes and after bargaining allow them the chance to renew their parking or cancel an earlier renewal.