WSU Bargaining Update 8/24/18

Our WFSE Local 1066 elected bargaining team met on 8/21 to continue the work of achieving a contract that reflects our values.

So far we have made gains to leave use, employee voice, union rights, and ensuring a safe and respectful work environment for all. However, we still have not reached an agreement on mandatory subjects and compensation.

We need your help.

  1. SIGN POSTCARD to President Shulz that are circulating around campus. 
  3. SHARE both the TAKE ACTION link and postcards with your coworkers, others in the campus community, and your family and friends.

We have the following tentative dates 9/6, and 9/11-9/13 during we which we hope to reach an agreement.

Stay tuned for more ways to help. Text WSU to 237263 for text updates.