WSU Puyallup group files to go 100% Union

WSU Puyallup group files 100% Union

A group of trades workers at the Washington State University Puyallup Research Extension Center today (June 1) took action to become 100% Federation to gain a greater voice at work.

The workers in the Farm and Maintenance Operations unit filed the necessary paperwork with the Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) to become part of the Federation and gain the rights and power under the union’s negotiated WSU collective bargaining agreement.

And their move to go 100 percent union is needed now more than ever for the WSU-Puyallup workers.

Because of budget cuts and changes in the budgetary process at WSU (a management priority), the WSU-Puyallup workers could see layoffs and cuts in hours to make up the difference.

“This group knew the only way to have any voice for change and power in this process would be to go 100 percent union,” Federation Acting Organizing Director Tim Tharp said.

A majority of the workers signed authorization cards for the union. The request to PERC calls for certification of the Federation as the WSU-Puyallup group’s exclusive representative based on that majority.

The WSU-Puyallup 100 percent union push is part of the trend of more and more unrepresented state employees choosing to go union with the Federation to win the rights and protections of strong contracts and a stronger voice at work. In the past three years, more than 3,000 state employees said yes to a stronger voice at work and joined the Federation movement to where the union now represents nearly 43,000 workers at state agencies, colleges, universities and in the public service sector.